Full Glossier GRWM + GIVEAWAY!

glossier grwm

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I am an official Glossier Rep!

I am still thrilled beyond belief to be a part of the Glossier community because I truly love everything Emily Weiss devised in the beauty space. You don’t have to shop through my link, but I’d be forever grateful if you did!

To kick things off, I filmed an in-depth Glossier GRWM so you can see these products in action, and so I can share my thoughts. I’ve grown my collection quite a bit because I believe in making honest and educated recommendations. If you have any questions at all, feel free to shoot them through. And as promised, the GIVEAWAY DETAILS are below.


I’ve never done a giveaway, so depending on how this one goes, there may be more to come. I’m extremely grateful for the wonderful opportunities I’ve had in the blogging space and really thrilled to be doing something like this, so thank you!!


Your choice of one of these combinations:

#1 Perfecting Skin Tint + Stretch Concealer (your choice of color)
#2 One Haloscope + 2 Cloud Paints (your choice of color)
#3 One Boy Brow + 1 Generation G Lipstick (your choice of color)
#4 Priming Moisturizer Rich + Balm Dotcom (your choice)
#5 Your choice of one super serum + Balm Dotcom (your choice)


#1 Follow me on Instagram @hangxw.
#2 Subscribe to my YouTube channel.
#3 Follow me on Bloglovin.
#4 Comment below with your Instagram handle, name, & email (for verification purposes – if you prefer you can shoot me an email or DM me on Instagram instead).

One Winner will be selected two weeks from now. I will contact you via DM on Instagram and you will have 3 business days to respond!

glossier lineupglossier grwm and review

Thank you so much & good luck! Shop with me @ Glossier HERE

Disclaimer: NOT sponsored! (Also, I updated choices 4 & 5 to include Balm Dotcom as of 3/22.)

  • Omg this is such an amazing giveaway!!! Although I will refrain from entering because I think so many other gals out there deserve to try Glossier (since I basically have everything already haha). This does remind me that I need to subscribe to your YT channel though because I always love your videos!! Can’t wait to see where your channel and blog take ya πŸ™‚

    Cindy | http://www.cindyhyue.com

  • Nimisha Vacchani

    This giveaway is so generous of you, thank you for hosting it and giving everyone a chance to try out some Glossier products! πŸ™‚
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  • Chiara Marchesi

    Omg I’ve been wanting to try glossier out for ages but I live in Italy so thank you so much for this opportunity!!!
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    My email is: chiara.marchesi17@gmail.com

  • Wow, this is amazing!
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  • zoe

    omg the giveaway is amazing!!!!! i have been dying to try glossier but they don’t ship overseas.. thank you so much for the opportunity, keeping my fingers crossed!
    hope you’re having s lovely day x
    @bonjourzoe on IG
    misszoetsang on YT

  • What an amazing give away! I’m dying to try the rest of the Glossier range especially the shade you’re wearing in your GRWM Gen G in Like and the Cloud Paint in Dusk *heart eyes*

    I’m following you on Instagram, your YouTube channel & blog!

    My name: Jennifer
    Instagram: @amourjnfr
    Email: jennifer-hua@live.com

    *fingers crossed*

    Love watching your GRWM, they’re my fav! Literally squealed when I saw your new vid pop up in my YT sub list! xx

  • Thanks for doing this giveaway, Susan! πŸ™‚ I would love to try out some of Glossier’s products.

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  • Ahh girl this is so exciting, thanks for the give-away!
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  • Love you <3

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    Super exciting. Love your blog, Instagram and YouTube. @laurakmahon


    Keep up the amazing work XXX

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    Loved your video!
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  • Love this GRWM video!
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  • Suzuki Tomoe

    name: Suzuki Tomoe
    insta: @szktm
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    I live in Singapore (whoo southeast asia) where Glossier doesn’t ship, so I really appreciate the fact that you’ve opened this up internationally πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ

  • Rahma

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    Thanks for the giveaway

  • Everything looks so amazing! <3 Thank you for this great opportunity to try Glossier products as they're not available in the UK yet πŸ™‚ I love your blog aesthetic btw!

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    Hi! I’m Alexandra Kirr! My ig: alexandactress and you can email me at alexandrakw@me.com Love your videos!

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  • Love the video and the photos! My name is Melissa, my IG is therusssh and my email is melissaanjan@gmail.com! I subscribed and followed, thank you!! πŸ˜€

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    Sandi375, sandi_01588@yahoo.com,New to your utube and blog but loving it !

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    Everything looks amazing!!

  • Jessica Rogado

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  • Jessica Rogado

    Just found your YouTube channel and I’m in love!! Looking forward for more videos πŸ™‚
    Jessica Rogado

  • I loved your GRWM! That’s something I definitely need to film soon – thanks for the inspo!
    Miran 🌷 http://www.em-edition.com

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    Looking forward for more videos
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    I love your content! Keep on creating beautiful things! πŸ’•

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    Congrats on being a Glossier girl πŸ™‚

    Tenzin Pema Thangzur
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  • christinekatlyn

    Congrats on becoming a rep! It’s a goal of mine to become one but Glossier doesn’t ship to Canada yet so i’ll have to wait.

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  • Christina To

    Love your recent look in this video and congrats!!

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  • Oh that is so exciting that you are a rep now! Congratulations!! I am just holding out for that international shipping! I want to try it all after reading your reviews! They have just nailed their mission of no frills, simple, good beauty haven’t they? I can see this one being a popular comp! Congrats again!
    xx Jenelle

  • dresden

    So exciting that you’re a Rep, congrats! Also, I’m blown away at how Boy Brow transformed your brows. Looks like such a great product.
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    Thanks for being so generous!
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    Congratulations on becoming a rep !!!
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  • Brigitta Adinda

    It’s really nice of you for showing all of the products and how to’s before doing the giveaway, and im really glad that its international since im all the way from Indonesia and i cant ever find them here. I’ve been watching and reading reviews about glossier and ive always wanted to get my hands on those products.

    Name : Brigitta Adinda
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  • Brigitta Adinda

    It’s really nice of you for showing all of the products and how to’s before doing the giveaway, and im really glad that its international since im all the way from Indonesia and i cant ever find them here. I’ve been watching and reading reviews about glossier and ive always wanted to get my hands on those products. And thank you for your generousity!

    Name : Brigitta Adinda
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    Congrats on becoming a Glossier Rep! I love that brand, it really aesthetically pleasing πŸ™‚

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