4 Blog Photography Trends That Are Starting to Feel Jaded

trends in blog photography | le-jolie.comtrends in blog photography | le-jolie.comtrends in blog photography | le-jolie.com

trends in blog photography | le-jolie.comtrends in blog photography | le-jolie.com
Caveat: I realize I may not be the most progressive or “original” out there in terms of photography, so who am I to speak? I think recognizing things like this is the first step in getting to a place you want to be. I’m certainly not the best, but I can proudly say that all my photos are carefully edited FROM SCRATCH, utilize no filters, plug-ins, or actions.

As a blog strategist, I have a natural tendency to observe and critique more than the average person…

And I think I’ve gotten to a point now where I can glance at something and gauge how quickly it’ll become a thing in the blogosphere. As of late, those trends have surfaced rapidly in blog photography. I’ve spoken about the prevalence of photography as a hobby these days as DSLRs and mirrorless become widely affordable. It’s gotten easier to desaturate, increase contrast, throw on a few filters, and call it art (or “photography”), but what’s the benefit if you’re only adding noise to a noisy ass community?

I put a lot of thought into the content we make and the platforms we use – and I can concede that it’s easy to get discouraged by the noise and lack of real conversation. This explains why I put so much effort into writing and photography because the conversation, critical eye, and creative freedom are all so captious in what I do – and why I’m so inanely passionate about it. So, here are are 4 blog photography trends making me jaded:

Bright White Editing

How many times have you scrolled through your Instagram feed and think “haven’t I already seen this image – or something that looks like it?” It’s no secret by now that bright white images harvest the most attention and likes on social media (at least that’s what a quick Google search tells us), but why add to the pool of content that’s already been done over and over? #sorrynotsorry but my eyes are becoming exhausted. Next.

Shadowy Flatlays

I’ve devised shadowy flatlays myself (and I’d like to believe far before it became a thing) mostly because I got sick of soft light. But it’s another blog photography trend that’s becoming redundant…explicating why I’ve moved away from that look. I know how difficult it can be to make flatlays unique, but when something becomes excessive, it’s cue to move on or add some variation of an unforeseen element. This is something I’m still working on!

Overly Smooth Skin

One thing that’s been bugging the shit out of me lately is overly painted/smooth skin, which I know several mega-influencers can be to blame. I recognize that I’ve slowly caved into this “look” only because I’m being asked for it (business is business most of the time – and it’s my job to offer what my clients want). But that doesn’t mean I love it. I’m still trying to do it in the most subtle way possible. However, if I’m being honest, I’m ready for this blog photography trend to poof be gone… What ever happened to texture and real life?

Super Desaturated Coloring

I’m a tremendous fan of minimalism, which is basically the birth place for this desaturated color grading style – where an entire image almost looks gray. But it seems like everyone’s into minimalism too, which is driving me away from it. Even if you don’t agree with me up to this point, I know you can definitely concur to this one… Don’t think I need to say more…

So yes, the Internet has been feeling soulless and dull, but don’t grieve if you’ve found yourself guilty and begetting the unoriginal. Sometimes, that’s what it takes to become an original because you get so sick of looking at your own work. Rather, think of it as a product and indication of consuming too much and not creating enough. The next time you’re producing blog work, consider it first and foremost as making art and not just content for social media’s sake.

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trends in blog photography | le-jolie.comtrends in blog photography | le-jolie.comtrends in blog photography | le-jolie.com


  • I have definitely been struggling with photography for a while – trying not to blend in with the crowds and so similar shots. I am a fan of desaturating my photos a bit to give a more neutral vibe to my photos, but you’re right – seeing so many people do it now makes me want to veer away from it. I just moved in with my bf which means I have a full time photographer and my beck and call (kinda haha) and I am trying to incorporate more photos of myself into this space. I def need to get as comfortable / natural looking as you do in front of the camera!! Loving where your blog content is going 🙂 and seriously loving all your photography lately!

    Cindy | http://www.cindyhyue.com

    • Susan

      I’m still a fan of desaturating a little too but moving away from very blue/gray tones. i love when you include photos of yourself (def makes an influencer more personal and relatable. can’t wait to see what you and your bf product together 🙂 thanks so much <33

  • I’m a culprit of bright whites and a huge fan of high contrast shadows. 🙋🏻
    However, I think some of my favorite styles tend to be the moodier, tasteful edits that you and my friend Janet both often exhibit. Feels a little watercolor-esque even?

    • Susan

      I’ve been victim of all these trends too (I think several of us – and even mega bloggers have!) – but thank you so much! I’m extremely flattered <33