Proof That The Law of Attraction Works (with One Caveat)

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You are what you attract… Do you believe it?

Lately, I’ve noticed more and more people speaking up about the Law of Attraction – not just celebrities but athletes and influencers – and I’ve just been having an insatiable appetite to add my voice to the choir. If you haven’t heard about the Law of Attraction, I’m happy to enlighten you. In simplest terms, it’s the idea that you have the ability to attract whatever you are focusing on into your life regardless of circumstance or religion. It says that you have the power to transform your thoughts and desires into reality – and it all starts in your head. I realize this sounds cliché and over simplified, but there’s good reason why it holds so much weight for those who’ve experienced it.

So… Did this really work and exactly how?

I’ve spoken countless times about how placing my stakes in the influencer industry came to be through my work with Zanita after several years of excruciating effort… How I personally hand wrote in my 2012 journal, Goal: Attend fashion week and four years later, it happened (not once but twice!)… How I was rejected from my first fashion merchandising job THREE times before it became a reality…

More recently, how I envisioned all throughout my twenties that I’d somehow work for myself by the time I’m 30, and here I am…

Let’s talk more about that last point. I never foreshadowed this happening now because if I’m being honest, life has been the least ideal this year – emotionally, mentally, and literally. If there was any year I was going to find freedom, success, and gratification as my own boss, I’d never imagine it happening in 2017. At one point, I even hopped on a call with a recruiter because there was just too much happening and I wanted the financial buffer.

But reality hit and I thought, “Why the hell did I just do that? If I’m ever going to make anything happen, it’s gotta be now!” I immediately put myself to work like a crazy person and like magic (or as some would say, the stars aligned!), things began coming together unexpectedly. These last 2-3 weeks, I’ve been fortunate in such a short amount of time to have acquired the kind of work I have, and I’ve been sure to remain extremely thankful and prayerful for it. Along with that, people from around the globe have randomly stumbled upon my content through social media and heard my voice and reveled in my writing. This is something that rarely happens these days. Private messages rolled in steadily and I’m just so overwhelmed with joy from all your kind words and comments that I can hardly contain myself. This has been extremely humbling, and I really thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I’ve prayed multiple times throughout the day for wisdom and guidance while busting my ass in the process – and I’ve watched my vision and goals manifest slowly but surely. Consider this luck or the culmination of my efforts over time, but there’s an obvious correlation to the Law of Attraction.

I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy. Part of the beauty in the Law of Attraction is the struggle… It teaches you the value of hard work, and it only works for those who are disciplined and committed enough to stick with their vision. Whatever that is for you, it will be worth it if you just DECIDE and STICK to it.

The only caveat to the Law of Attraction is that you still have to work your ass off despite the uncertainty and self-doubt – and nothing is guaranteed…

You never know when it will come. You just have to be grateful, and trust and believe that it eventually will…because it always does. You are what you attract.


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  • You are proof the law of attraction is real <3 You truly manifested your destiny! Kudos

    • Susan

      so sweet of you keri! <33 thank you!!

  • cynthia ayuningtyas

    yap, been hearing law of attraction too these days 🙂 thanks susan for your fighting-spirit-words.

    • Susan

      thank you Cynthia <3

  • Yes, I think we have to focus on what we do want to happen and then set goals and go after things and before you know it things come your way that you never dreamed. It’s not a smooth ride, but I agree, that giving up is never going to be the answer.
    xx Jenelle