How to Increase Your Page Views Organically

How to Increase Your Page Views Organically | le-jolie.comHow to Increase Your Page Views Organically | le-jolie.comHow to Increase Your Page Views Organically |

Up until 2 months ago, I put minimal effort into this blog…

It wasn’t until I made the leap to full-time freelance that I began to create a stream of regular content and take the steps necessary to increase traffic by at least a little… Yes, I’m actually setting blog goals now… I’ve been pretty pleased with the results considering the small amount of time I’ve invested in this blog, so I wanted drop some hints on how you can increase your page views organically.

Let’s recap my last 3 months…

AUGUST – I published 5 blog posts (3 on beauty and 2 on blogging) and had no end goal in mind – what I call “producing for the sake of producing”.

THE RESULT: 764 page views, 1.94 pages/session

SEPTEMBER – Began dabbling in the idea of working for myself and thought more tactfully about the kind of content I need to make to build a great portfolio. I started employing everything I learned at Zanita Studio to get my content across the eyes that matter most. I posted 8 blogs (6 on the influencer industry/photography and 2 on beauty).

THE RESULT: 1850 page views, 2.05 pages/session – that’s 142% increase over September!

OCTOBER – With minimal effort, I was floored by Sept’s results! Clearly, you guys LOVE when I write about blogging and photography! October was a bit of an anomaly because my NYC trip set me back on posting. I’ll need to work on this so I don’t run into the issue again, BUT I ended up with 7 blog posts (6 on blogging/photography and 1 on beauty). I def used social to my advantage and did more promoting.

THE RESULT: 5341 page views, 2.42 pages/session – almost a 200% increase over October!!

The numbers show that I’m doing something right! So, if you’re looking to increase your page views organically, here’s what I recommend.

Create a strong body of evergreen content.

If you haven’t heard the term “evergreen content”, all it means is content that is relevant year-round and sustainable over time. I consider all my blog and photography content to be long-lived while some of my beauty ones seasonal. Having a strong body of evergreen content will keep old readers and new visitors on your site longer and ensure that you’ll have a steady stream of traffic over time.

Build your Bloglovin’ account.

I really have to give it up to Bloglovin’ for being such a tremendous traffic referral source. A lot of people have no idea how to use Bloglovin’, but it’s really such a simple platform. All you do is create an account, like and save other people’s posts, follow other bloggers, share the button on your site, and encourage users to follow you. Bloglovin’ has gotten my content across so many new eyes. I appreciate Bloglovin’ for holding true to their mission of helping influencers. All posts remain in chronological order (unlike Instagram -_-), meaning people who follow me are bound to see every single one of my posts. Getting featured in Bloglovin’ newsletters is one of the best things ever. However, be sure you have an excellent archive of A+ content before you land a newsletter feature, otherwise you’ll just be hurting yourself. Be sure to FOLLOW ME and maybe I’ll talk more about how to get in a Bloglovin’ newsletter!

Make good use of Pinterest.

Too much emphasis on Instagram these days and not enough on Pinterest. As I said before, Pinterest is my favorite social platform – and I love seeing my content re-pinned. I’m amazed by what people engage with regarding photography style and color grading. This really gives me a better idea of what I need to create more of. Note that when people engage with your photos on Pinterest, they’re more likely to click thru to your website. So, make sure you’re pinning daily and getting your pins into Group Boards. FOLLOW ME ON PINTEREST if you want to learn how I use Pinterest.

Work on SEO.

Using SEO is one of the best ways to increase your page views organically. I’ve never really used SEO on my blog up until recently because I was too busy doing it for everyone else. However, I advise you to think more carefully about how you can use long-form key words that would pop up in a Google search. Also, formulate ingenious titles that entice people to click in a very un-click-baity way. People who come across your blog organically are more likely to visit again and again as well as stay on your site longer.

Let me know how you increase your page views organically…

**Note: These numbers are really minuscule compared to “true” micro-bloggers – and probably even your personal page views – however, the purpose is not for you to nitpick my numbers. Rather, it’s to encourage you to do what you can with what you have to get your views to a place that makes you happy.


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How to Increase Your Page Views Organically |


  • I’m so lazy when it comes to SEO, but what a great post you’ve written. You’ve really become one of my fave bloggers, Susan. I found you not too long ago through some random Pinterest board and I just fell in love with how real you were (and how you were willing to share your knowledge of photography without anything in return). AND also, you’re stylish AF!

    Have a lovely day x

    Emma //

    • Susan

      Emma, that’s got to be the kindest comment I have EVER received. Thank you so much 🙂 I just really love sharing and uplifting others in whatever means I can – and the gratification comes when people like you recognize it! Thank you to infinity!

  • I started using SEO a few months ago and I can see the results. Just started using Pinterest. Looking forward to seeing the results. I actually have a Bloglovin’ account but barely make use of it. Will have to go back to it then.

    Thanks for sharing as always. Just pinned this post 🙂

    • Susan

      Thank you Onyi! I’m pretty lazy on my own blog when it comes to SEO, but I don’t really have that luxury anymore. I really love Bloglovin’ & Pinterest for driving page views, so hopefully you see the results soon!

  • Are you kidding me… this is tremendous growth especially within 2 months!! I seriously need to up my game in terms of writing. Quitting full time job and focusing on blogging is a dream for me… and it feels more and more tangible these days. I LOVE all your recommendations.. it’s all very valid. Can I ask how you “land” a bloglovin’ newsletter? I’ve actually met the director/VP of content at a conference/event before, and I asked her in person this exact question. She gave me a nilly willy answer of oh it’s all based on your traffic… but is that true? I’ve been on bloglovin for a long time and in the last few months have gotten good traction. But for me I really just need to publish more…

    My other method is guest blogging. BUt…that’s the world you come from so I won’t need to say more on that 😀

    Jessica || Cubicle Chic

    • Susan

      Sorry I’m so late on replying Jessica! I’ll write more about Bloglovin’ in another post 😉 But thanks for your comment!

  • This post is amazing!! Thank you for this!! Inspiring!! I don’t spend enough time on Pinterest and really need to give it alot more thought and time to it. I found you through Zanita and started following your blog since and its so amazing!! I really hope one day I can work full time on my blog like you. xx

    • Susan

      Thank you so much, I’m super flattered! And no stress about Pinterest. I think there are many many bloggers who don’t utilize it enough. One day soon, I’ll share my favorite resources.

  • Liza Siegal

    These tips are SO USEFUL! Thank you! I’m just wondering – is there a way to post evergreen content for a fashion blogger? Because fashion and trends are so fleeting! Or is it a good idea to take photos of clothes and write about something else (not an outfit – but like you – give useful tips about something else?) Thanks!!!

    • Susan

      Hi Liza, I think it’s possible to create evergreen fashion content; it all depends on how you frame it. There are some things that will never go out of style like “What to Wear for a Winter Wedding” or “How to Look Fashionable On a Ski Trip” – and even more generic things like “10 Fashion Items You Need for a Classic Wardrobe”. My reason for posting “personal style” photos but writing about something entirely different is because it allows me to do all the things I enjoy at the same time (e.g. photography, fashion, and writing). Hope that helps! 🙂