I’ve been to NYC a handful of times now, and each time, I aim to hit up new spots! I was obviously there for travel (hint: Bloglovin), but unlike my usual work-travel post, I thought I’d share a few favorite stops in NYC this go-around – both old and new discoveries… First off, if you’ve never been to NYC, I highly suggest you go at least once – it’s a completely different animal and all that concrete jungle malarkey isn’t such malarkey after all! Hustle your way through the vast crowd, get lost navigating the rail way, be prepared to walk… READ MORE


Hailing back from Paris and though transient, it was truly a gratifying experience and everything I ever imagined it to be. The city is entrenched in cafes, boulangeries, and structures of the most enthralling facades I’ve ever seen. Without a doubt, the sublimity of the city must have mandated only the utmost creative minds and adroit hands to bring it all to life. There’s as much history to be seen and felt in person tantamount to the European history books we once spent countless hours rifling through in high school. As a matter of fact, so captivating that I’m endowing… READ MORE

I’m late and my only excuse is that blogging is actually really difficult and time consuming so now that it’s essentially my job, it’s even harder to focus on my own thing. But no excuses, to quickly recap 2015: 1/ It still feels insane and unreal to think that I became an official contributor for Zanita just last March. I took on that responsibility with only 2 goals in mind: 1. To encourage and inspire others to do what they love and 2. Attempt to grow my own audience. I had no idea what kind of opportunities would culminate, but… READ MORE

To think that I’m really 28 now is quite scary (I mean it really blows my mind, I’m not even going to lie…I almost just want to scream inside lol). All those years of worry, busting ass, rushing, cursing myself – what for? Slow down guys…life really is something to be enjoyed. Take it one day at a time. Thought I’d toast to even surviving my adolescence through my early 20s – so here I go – 28 things: 1/ Be patient in love, your career, and life – these are all things that you have to live with forever… READ MORE

I always talk about the frenzy in juggling motherhood + career + hobbies (i.e. blogging) and with that said, the last thing I want to worry about at the end of the day is cleaning. I realize most of you probably aren’t mothers, but you can thank me later when you become one because this little dandy Bath Toy Organizer has become quite the useful one…that’s if your kids love toys during bath time as much as mine do. I’ve seen a few other ones at Wal-Mart and Target and recall buying one (can’t remember from where), but for whatever… READ MORE