During my Sydney trip several weeks back, I had the wonderful opportunity of creating a beauty story and shooting it. Although I wasn’t able to use these images for their original intent, I’m still happy to share them because I have never done anything like this before… Zanita helped me acquire a model while I compiled a quick moodboard on Pinterest. Within a few hours, we were in the process of pulling it all together. The set comprised of mostly head shots because this was a day-to-night beauty story (which you can read on Zanita Studio). As I shot these… READ MORE


  My love for photography grows more and more each day, and I think primarily because the more I shoot, the more confident I feel about my work. Years ago, I’d never be able to achieve the same kind of images I shoot today… Although it’s embarrassing to admit that it took an insane amount of time compared to most people, none of that matters in the end. The only thing that matters is that I’m at a place that makes me feel good. I’ve really worked to learn the limitations of my camera (and settings), achieve eagle-eye attention when… READ MORE

I finally had some time over the weekend to do a screen recording of how I edit flatlays! Although I don’t edit all flatlays the same, this small clip should give you a good overview of how I approach post processing. If you have any questions or requests, don’t hesitate to send them through! My best advice here is to shoot in RAW that way you can recover over and/or under exposed images. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment – that’s going to be your best bet for finding and defining your style. For more tips, head here & here… READ MORE

Ask and you shall receive… This post has been a long time coming and I want to apologize for making you wait! I’ve started receiving more and more questions over the last few months about how I shoot my flatlays so I guess it’s time to share my top flatlay tips! There are a few key factors that I believe go into mashing up the perfect flatlay so I’ll run through those in the exact order I see the them to be fit. #1 LIGHTING Ask yourself: – What time of day is it? – What does the light look… READ MORE

#1 PAY ATTENTION TO THE LIGHT These photos were shot at 2 pm when the sun was still high and bright… I know that if I threw Genny into the sun, she’d be squinting, my highlights would be blown the F out, and it’d just be really hard for me to control the outcome of these photos. Instead, I looked for shaded areas… Are there any specific spots that would give me a nice contrast between light and dark? This building was perfect because the windows reflected light back onto my subject without being overkill. The height of this building… READ MORE