It’s been quite the unusual week of highs & lows… Perhaps you can relate…but often times while working very hard, I get so zoned out that I stop caring about the bigger picture. It’s by no means intentional, but it happens. And while getting lost in the perennial details of work and life is inevitable, it can be destructive to your mental health. Of course, I’m never mindful of that until I’m already repleted¬†with anxiety and worry and hampered with anger. This week has been one of those… (A full-time working mom with a part-time blog is the hardest thing… READ MORE


TATCHA Supple Moisture Rich Silk Cream.                       I was recently asked, “How are you able to give a full & honest review of how each product works?”, regarding my constant product rotation and testing of new product lines… It’s a valid concern and I understand how it can be hard to trust bloggers when they don’t seem to test products for an acceptable time period. I’m not here to call anyone out, and I’m not sure how other beauty bloggers, vloggers, or editors do it, but I can tell you… READ MORE

If you’re currently working in a corporate environment, some of this will probably sound familiar… but it isn’t always obvious, so take notes! SET GOALS… For those of you who don’t know, I come from a planning background – first in forecasting (in the world of supply chain) and then merchandise planning (in the world of retail). One of the things my former boss would always say is that “if you never set the target, you’ll never be working towards anything. That’s why it’s important to set goals even if you know you may not hit them…” We’ve heard so… READ MORE

Wearing FOREVER21 Slip Dress. MAJORELLE Robe Jacket. I’m often asked how I ended up working for Zanita…                         Which baffles me and gets me every time because I don’t really feel as though I’ve done anything out of the ordinary. I think most people are intrigued by the fact that I work in an industry that’s so isolated and often feels ironclad. I still surprise myself at times because although everyday feels ordinary, it’s really unordinary in some type of way. And when people ask what I do for… READ MORE

I just surpassed my 1 year anniversary by a margin at Zanita Studio, and though I’m not exactly your model blogger, I definitely do work in the business of blogging. If you’ve been following me since I started blogging, thank you, and if you haven’t, welcome… It’s been a crazy fast ride. In the past year, I’ve been to Paris, attended my first fashion show, visited NYC many times, flew¬†to LA for one night, attended the annual rewardStyle conference and two Bloglovin Award ceremonies. And to be honest, I’m surprised I lasted this long. I kinda doubted job stability in… READ MORE