My love for photography grows more and more each day, and I think primarily because the more I shoot, the more confident I feel about my work. Years ago, I’d never be able to achieve the same kind of images I shoot today… Although it’s embarrassing to admit that it took an insane amount of time compared to most people, none of that matters in the end. The only thing that matters is that I’m at a place that makes me feel good. I’ve really worked to learn the limitations of my camera (and settings), achieve eagle-eye attention when… READ MORE


  Style is personal…but what does that even mean? Let’s first acknowledge the fact that personal style is becoming increasingly difficult to define because in an aesthetically driven industry like fashion – let alone Instagram – the pressure of “all eyes” becomes piercing. This constant need for validation and relevance means that a lot of people start to dress alike even if there’s no intention to… We’ve all heard the old adage of “timelessness”, but you can’t deny, trends have fluctuated faster today than in any generation prior. Does timelessness even exist anymore? I don’t know. I’ve plunged into the… READ MORE

I finally got around to filming my evening skincare routine! So this past year, my skin has really gone to shit. It’s really depressing to look at, but that doesn’t mean I stop trying to make it better:)! So a few key things I want to mention about my evening skincare routine: Retinols are sooo important. Although I really love this one by Peter Thomas Roth, I will be transitioning to Sunday Riley Luna Oil. Acids have become an obsession, be it salicylic acid, glycolic acid, mandelic acid, lactic acid, azelaic acid… Bring it. You have to experiment in order… READ MORE

Glossier Cloud Paint is here! If you’ve been on Instagram (or social media for that matter), you may have noticed that there’s been an explosion of conversation surrounding Glossier’s newly launched Cloud Paints. Here’s what you need to know: #1 It’s a gel-cream formula that goes on seamlessly. #2 It’s sheer, but buildable. #3 Easy as hell to use. #4 And as always – my absolute favorite thing about Glossier – looks natural AF. I’m a HUGE sucker for all things liquid or cream these days – that means highlighter, blush, bronzer – everything! That also means I have a… READ MORE

I finally had some time over the weekend to do a screen recording of how I edit flatlays! Although I don’t edit all flatlays the same, this small clip should give you a good overview of how I approach post processing. If you have any questions or requests, don’t hesitate to send them through! My best advice here is to shoot in RAW that way you can recover over and/or under exposed images. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment – that’s going to be your best bet for finding and defining your style. For more tips, head here & here… READ MORE