Ask and you shall receive… This post has been a long time coming and I want to apologize for making you wait! I’ve started receiving more and more questions over the last few months about how I shoot my flatlays so I guess it’s time to share my top flatlay tips! There are a few key factors that I believe go into mashing up the perfect flatlay so I’ll run through those in the exact order I see the them to be fit. #1 LIGHTING Ask yourself: – What time of day is it? – What does the light look… READ MORE


GLOSSIER Super Pure Serum. PEACH & LILY Chubby Cheeks Sheet Mask. TARTE Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil. L’OREAL Shocking Extensions Mascara. CAUDALIE Divine Oil. PIXI Glow Tonic To-Go. There’s both satisfaction and relief in collecting these empties. CAUDALIE DIVINE OIL I am gravitating more and more towards body oils over creams these days and this Caudalie Divine Oil is responsible. This product was my foray into oils, and I was so impressed at how non-greasy it was. It held moisture much longer and better than other lotions I’ve tried and absorbed so much faster. When I get ultra dry in the bleak winter, I layer a cream… READ MORE

It’s been quite the unusual week of highs & lows… Perhaps you can relate…but often times while working very hard, I get so zoned out that I stop caring about the bigger picture. It’s by no means intentional, but it happens. And while getting lost in the perennial details of work and life is inevitable, it can be destructive to your mental health. Of course, I’m never mindful of that until I’m already repleted with anxiety and worry and hampered with anger. This week has been one of those… (A full-time working mom with a part-time blog is the hardest thing… READ MORE

Tried of hearing about all things Glossier yet? I hope not ’cause I just got a fresh batch in – and more on the way. There’s been TONS and TONS of hype around the new Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich and I tried so hard to fight the temptation, but my skin was just so barren, I couldn’t resist! Plus, I was in need of a new Super Pure, so why not get free shipping? And then with a purchase of the Priming Moisturizer Rich, Glossier was offering the Milk Jelly Cleanser for only $5 more, so really… Why the hell not?… READ MORE

#1 PAY ATTENTION TO THE LIGHT These photos were shot at 2 pm when the sun was still high and bright… I know that if I threw Genny into the sun, she’d be squinting, my highlights would be blown the F out, and it’d just be really hard for me to control the outcome of these photos. Instead, I looked for shaded areas… Are there any specific spots that would give me a nice contrast between light and dark? This building was perfect because the windows reflected light back onto my subject without being overkill. The height of this building… READ MORE