During my Sydney trip several weeks back, I had the wonderful opportunity of creating a beauty story and shooting it. Although I wasn’t able to use these images for their original intent, I’m still happy to share them because I have never done anything like this before… Zanita helped me acquire a model while I compiled a quick moodboard on Pinterest. Within a few hours, we were in the process of pulling it all together. The set comprised of mostly head shots because this was a day-to-night beauty story (which you can read on Zanita Studio). As I shot these… READ MORE


Though I’m a devout believer in divine intervention, I’m also a champion of willpower. If your will to take drastic steps to change your life (or the course you’ve been walking) is strong enough, then you might just experience the magic that was destined to arise. What I mean is if you’ve been living comfortably yet unsatisfactorily, it’s probably time to step out of your safe space and do things you’re insecure with – this is the best route for growth. And strive to continuously drive up the amount of insecurity in your life. Without doing so, you will never… READ MORE

These series of images were originally shot for The Clinic on Zanita Studio when I had my first laser skincare treatment back in Sydney, but as my photog and I stumbled through the shoot, I was nostalgically thrown back to my grassroots. One of the very first reasons I fell madly in love with the influencer industry is because “bloggers” were real people doing real shit – and by real, I mean ordinary. People like you reading this and me. I have overzealous respect for “ordinary people” making cool things happen because it means so much more… It’s kind of… READ MORE

It’s felt like forever since I last made a video, but glad I finally got around to filming again. I have gone through so many new products since my last video so I wanted to run through a few of those. This video probably could have gone on forever and ever, but I decided to only talk about my top standouts. So many new favorites! In case you were wondering, Sydney was AMAZING – one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. I didn’t take enough pictures, but the memories are forever embedded in my mind. I loved… READ MORE

Disclaimer: PR sample. All opinions are my own. Hailing back from Sydney and back for good! About 6 weeks back, BioClarity sent me their 3-step skincare regimen to try. This post is long overdue, but on a positive note, I’ve really been able to test the limitations of these products. Like all things, I’m always a skeptical one, but down to put anything to the test when it bodes to resolve my acne problems. The catch was I couldn’t use anything else, but these 3 products… I cheated a little and added my own toner, but other than that, I… READ MORE