Girls on the Go, Party to Go

bobbi brown party to go
One of the nice things about being Beauty Editor for Zanita Studio is having the ability to test a portion of the profuse products out there.

The skincare/makeup aisles are both digitally and physically brimming with endless mounds to the point where it’s basically impossible to be able to use every single thing in an entire lifetime. I sing my praises for the blogging industry and digital revolution that I’m far more capable of making an educated decision on a purchase today than I was ten years ago…

That being said, Bobbi Brown happens to be one of those makeup brands I never tapped into… Because of my job, I’ve now been able to get my hands on a few Bobbi Brown base products, blushes, lipsticks, and eyeshadows. I’m not sure why I kept the distance for so long – perhaps it wasn’t as posh and hip of a brand as MAC or Urban Decay… Maybe the brand caters to an older consumer group… Regardless, I feel like the line is so underrated and wish I’d caught on sooner (especially when I worked in retail where I was able to get these things at up to 50% off). Anyway, the latest thing I’ve touched was the Party to Go Eyes & Lip kit, which looks and feels so high-end and beautiful from the packaging to the formulation. This nifty little gem packs a huge punch and will remain a staple in my bag the rest of the season. You can see my demo below!

P.S. Still trying to get the hang of filming, cutting, and “acting”. It’s quite hard!