If your fashion sensibility leans traditional, you might be dazed by the comeback of so many ugly things lately… Grandma heels. Frayed, embroidered, or patchwork denim. Slides (i.e. Birkenstocks, mule flats/loafers, and fur). Fanny packs. Flatforms (i.e. creepers). Patent leather… Whatever ugliness sticks out in your mind, I’ve got a feeling you know exactly what I’m talking about. Before I get into the gist of it though, let me preface by saying you will never find me in dreadful Crocs or Uggs – those very two things are outside the boundaries of what I deem visually acceptable. And even then,… READ MORE


  My love for photography grows more and more each day, and I think primarily because the more I shoot, the more confident I feel about my work. Years ago, I’d never be able to achieve the same kind of images I shoot today… Although it’s embarrassing to admit that it took an insane amount of time compared to most people, none of that matters in the end. The only thing that matters is that I’m at a place that makes me feel good. I’ve really worked to learn the limitations of my camera (and settings), achieve eagle-eye attention when… READ MORE

  Style is personal…but what does that even mean? Let’s first acknowledge the fact that personal style is becoming increasingly difficult to define because in an aesthetically driven industry like fashion – let alone Instagram – the pressure of “all eyes” becomes piercing. This constant need for validation and relevance means that a lot of people start to dress alike even if there’s no intention to… We’ve all heard the old adage of “timelessness”, but you can’t deny, trends have fluctuated faster today than in any generation prior. Does timelessness even exist anymore? I don’t know. I’ve plunged into the… READ MORE

Fashion isn’t something I talk too much about on LJ although I’d loooove to talk about it more…                           Where I’m from (and probably most of America), to be sexy means to be provocative. Flaunt what you’ve got. Show some skin and more. If you’re somewhat thin with massive TNAs and willing to expose pieces of it, you’re deemed a variation of sexy. And no hate on the K-Clan, EmRata, or the Victoria’s Secret squad, who are all V hot by the way, but that’s not the kind… READ MORE

Hi… Long time no see. Thought I’d start with a few things on my top shelf these last few weeks: CHOKERS I try to stay away from trends as much as possible since those pieces usually result in waste, but chokers, especially frail ones, are so magnetic. I just could not… There are so many budget-friendly ones available too – I’ve snagged a few from Forever 21, but none in my assembly tops the Double Wrap Lilou from Are You Am I at the moment. I’ll sporadically wear them stacked or layered and the outcome is really edgy with a hint of romance as lace… READ MORE