Falling into despair and feeling downright discouraged are emotions I’m all too familiar with. In my past life though, I’d never talk about it and I really didn’t have anyone to talk about it to, so I’m a huge proponent of being that one person for the people around me. And why I’m sharing this story with pictures of fellow blogger and personal friend, Genny, it’s because she was the inspiration for it. It’s been massively refreshing to have someone to talk to about blogging – the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. So thank you Genny. This… READ MORE


The last two years have really tested my resilience, patience, and tenacity. To my own surprise, I’m still here trudging through the harrowing conflict. I’ll save details for another day (maybe even year) when it doesn’t feel so close to home, but I thought it’s time for a status check – mainly to kill the radio silence. And since I’m soaking in a huge introspective period (when am I not?), let’s wax poetic on what to do when life gives you lemons… Perseverance is everything. If there’s anything I’ve learned in the process of major life transitions, it’s to keep… READ MORE

Disclaimer: PR sample. All opinions are my own. About 5-6 weeks ago, Our Happy Box approached me to see if I was interested in a depigmentation cream… They clearly knew the deal… I mean look at all these scars on my face! You’ve probably never heard of Our Happy Box, and that’s because they’re a low key e-commerce boutique that carries undiscovered beauty brand, Ryor, from the Czech Republic. Every month, sales of a specific product gets donated to a charity – how nice is that? That’s just extra brownie points though… Here’s the good stuff: Ryor Depigmentation Cream I’m always apprehensive of any… READ MORE

If your fashion sensibility leans traditional, you might be dazed by the comeback of so many ugly things lately… Grandma heels. Frayed, embroidered, or patchwork denim. Slides (i.e. Birkenstocks, mule flats/loafers, and fur). Fanny packs. Flatforms (i.e. creepers). Patent leather… Whatever ugliness sticks out in your mind, I’ve got a feeling you know exactly what I’m talking about. Before I get into the gist of it though, let me preface by saying you will never find me in dreadful Crocs or Uggs – those very two things are outside the boundaries of what I deem visually acceptable. And even then,… READ MORE

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I am an official Glossier Rep! I am still thrilled beyond belief to be a part of the Glossier community because I truly love everything Emily Weiss devised in the beauty space. You don’t have to shop through my link, but I’d be forever grateful if you did! To kick things off, I filmed an in-depth Glossier GRWM so you can see these products in action, and so I can share my thoughts. I’ve grown my collection quite a bit because I believe in making honest and educated recommendations. If you have any… READ MORE