The Dark Side of Blogging – What Nobody Talks About

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Confession time… I have a love-hate relationship with blogging…

I’m obviously working my ass off in a highly-coveted industry that fuels me, but it’s also something that often leaves me wondering if I’d be better off elsewhere at times. From personal experience, I know the facade simulates the dream… Travel! Free makeup! Fashion shows! Beautiful Hotels! And delicious food! BUT the sacrifices that come alongside those perks are often what you don’t see – and what nobody talks about. Since I’m all about pulling back the curtains on this extremely undisclosed industry, welcome to the dark side of blogging.

It’s a lonely path…

I rarely leave my desk or home these days – not by obligation but by routine. That also means the closest human connection I get in real life on a regular basis is through my kids. V exciting. Not only that, but no one understands me from being on the phone all the time to snapping photos on the daily and sharing meaningless rambles on the Internet. I’m not referring to the “I have no friends” kind of loneliness, but the no one understands me type thing. Then come the holiday season and I realize how much I actually kind of miss potluck and Secret Santa 🙂

Everything is super last minute…

I’m a planner by nature, which you can probably tell because of how much I talk about goals and vision. Anyway, this industry often pisses me off because projects always come through OR fall out at the last minute. You just never know and you always have to be prepared. Last month, I was asked to fly to NYC for an influencer shoot within a 48 hours notice. That didn’t happen… Then this month, my first pitch was accepted only to flop at the last minute. The good news is something ended up coming through. But my point is, you can never be so sure or get too excited about anything in the business of blogging.

Fall Outfit - Camel Coat with Cowl Neck Sweater | le-jolie.comFall Outfit - Camel Coat with Cowl Neck Sweater and White Jeans |

The competition can both drive & kill you…

When you’re exposed to the blogging industry, you’ll meets tons of different bloggers. There’s always that one blogger who has their shit together – and they drive you to do more. They’re kind, business-minded, intelligent, and extremely motivated, so it’s like you have to work harder or stay behind. Then, you’ll meet the one who’s got it going for them but they’re snobby and/or shady; life suddenly feels so unfair because how do such individuals get so far without being kind (or real)? Think Mean Girls in real life.

Stress lurks up on you when you least expect it…

I recently left for a quick getaway (hence beautiful mountain photos) because work was beginning to feel oppressive. The need to be “on” all the time can drive you mad – and you don’t realize it until you’re already mad. I output so much that it sometimes doesn’t even feel creative. So much of the same type of work comes through simultaneously that I get stuck trying to make something fresh. And when much of my work is reliant on someone else, it’s extremely disappointing when there’s no sense of urgency… My unfortunate habit of worrying, stressing til the wee hours, and then calming down often leave me with restless nights that come crashing down two weeks later. Any other bloggers relate?

You just never know with blogging. One day you’ll have a job and next day you won’t. Are you ready for that kind of volatility? What are your thoughts on the dark side of blogging?

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  • So much of this speaks to me. I literally have no friends I talk to now except my boyfriend. Thank God he’s easy to talk to and quite understanding.

    Another thing that really frustrates me about blogging is how many “fake” numbers there are out there, specifically on Instagram. A lot of influencers buy followers and it really paints a bad picture for the entire industry. Brands start to be less trusting and also are less willing to pay for influencers’ work. And it makes you feel stupid when other so-called influencers boast twice the followers when their content isn’t even half as good. It can be quite discouraging when you’re trying so hard to earn every single real follower.

    Also, I get pretty annoyed when a lot of people who don’t understand the industry just think we’re “posing” and “having fun”. Hardly any food in the food pictures I take get eaten, and so many poses at scenic places don’t feel natural. But the key is to make it ‘look’ natural and beautiful. People don’t understand how much attention to detail and care is required for a perfect “bloggable” or “instagrammable” picture. Ok, well, that was my rant! (that’s become a whole essay! haha) Peace out!

    xoxo Tina |

    • Susan

      The best thing about blogging though is when you meet others who can actually relate 🙂 Fake numbers kill me too especially when content is garbage… It makes me wonder how many real people are actually out there, but then you do meet people who are utterly amazing so then it’s ok all over again haha

  • I very much relate. I actually burnt out, had a breakdown and had to crawl my way back after lots of intense recovery. I’d always been really honest with my readers about what I knowingly observed about my own life but the danger for me lurked in what I was oblivious to. The stuff I was clearly affected by but didn’t consciously make the connection to. The most freeing thing I did was losing my mind, getting honest and taking a hard look at my life. My love-hate relationship with blogging now is about 80/20 now.

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